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Lena is an amazing human being on a mission to help others. After taking Theta Healing Basic DNA with Lena & Fernando I had such a deep understanding of who I am and what my life's purpose is. Lena led me deeply inside of my own psyche releasing years of stored trauma and opening doors for me to be able to connect to The Divine & to Mother Earth in ways I didn't know were possible. After Basic DNA I was hooked and continued to work with Lena & look forward to taking more classes with her in the coming weeks. If i could give Lena 10/5 stars I would...I will continue to recommend her over and over again. 

Jess via Facebook


I invite you from the heart to join me in workshops and practice groups.

Contact me to sign up or if you have any questions.

With love, Lena


ThetaHealing® Übungskreis
25. November 2023
16-18 Uhr

Vergib und schaffe Raum in deinem Herzen für den Fluss von Frieden, Liebe und Magie! Du bist von Herzen zu unserem ThetaHealing Übungskreis zum Thema Vergebung eingeladen. Wir treffen uns Online am 25.11. um 16 Uhr für die deutschsprachige Gruppe. Die englischsprachige Gruppe findet am tag danach statt. Der Kreis wird von Lena geleitet und von Fernando unterstützt. Bring deine Fragen, etwas schönes zu Trinken und ein offenes Herz mit. Wir werden das Bewusstsein für das Thema Vergebung und tiefes Graben schärfen, Sitzungen in Zweiergruppen austauschen und gemeinsam die kraftvolle Vergebungsmeditation machen. Dieser Kreis ist eine Gelegenheit, mit offenem Herzen zusammenzukommen, sich auszutauschen und tief Platz in dir Platz zu machen für all die Schönheit des Lebens! Dieser Kreis steht allen ThetaHealing Praktizierenden offen.

Der Energieausgleich ist eine

Spende von 35 Euro.

Schreib mir, um dich anzumelden.


ThetaHealing® Practice Circle
26th of November 2023

4 to 6 PM

Forgive and make space in your heart for peace, love and magic to flow! You are invited from the heart to get together in a ThetaHealing practice circle with the topic of forgiveness. We meet online on Sunday the 26th of November at 4 PM for the English speaking group, there is a German speaking group the day before. The circle will be facilitated by Lena and supported by Fernando. We will bring awareness to the topic of forgiveness and deep digging, exchange sessions in groups of two and do the powerful forgiveness meditation together. Bring your questions, a nice warm drink and an open heart. This circle is an opportunity to get together with an open heart, catch up and make space in yourself for all the beauty of life to unfold! The practice circle is open to all ThetaHealing practitioners.

The energy exchange is a donation of 35 Euro.

Write me to sign up!


- coming soon-

So excited for the new things that are unfolding, more infos coming soon!

I met Lena back in 2020 and have since had both private and remote sessions with her and so far attended three ThetaHealing seminars with her and Fernando in person and online.

I am in awe of Lena and her work that is filled with love and sincerity.

I have experienced how a session can change my life experience greatly.

I experience Lena to be a genuine and skillfull intuitive, and I feel grateful and safe to be supported by her on my journey.

Evanna via Telegram

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