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My name is Lena. I believe that all source of power already lies within yourself.

Your greatest power is the love of your heart and the love of the source that you are.

Your heart is a doorway to unconditional love and deepest knowing.

In your heart, you know why you exist, why you are in this body and you know where you are headed. 

And most imoportantly, you know that you are one with the source of love, the source that moves through all.

I have seen countless times - for myself and others - that healing and transformation happen with unconditional love. Let me hold this space of unconditional love for you and support you to remember and connect to this place yourself.

I share my love and knowledge in private sessions and group workshops. I also teach the amazing ThetaHealing technique.

All sessions and seminars are in German and English, some are online, some in person.

To book a seminar or a session please contact me.

I am looking forward to meet you!

With love


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