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More dates for ThetaHealing seminars and workshops coming soon // die neuen Seminar- und Workshoptermine kommen bald

Online in German and English // Online auf Deutsch und Englisch

Meanwhile, book a session with Lena or Fernando and write us if you have any questions or wishes // Und bis es soweit ist, buche eine Session mit Lena oder Fernando und schreib uns mit Wünschen oder Fragen

With love // mit Liebe

Lena & Fernando

P.S. If you recommend us for sessions and seminars and someone books any service with us through you, you receive a remote mini session and healing with Lena as a gift // Wenn du uns für Sitzungen und Seminare weiterempfiehlst und jemand über dich bei uns bucht, bekommst du als Geschenk eine Mini Remote Session von Lena.

We are Lena and Fernando. We believe that all source of power already lies within yourself and that the love that you are is your greatest power.
We invite you to align with all that you are: heart, soul and source.
We support you to heal from the core of your being and to live a life from the depth of your heart.

We believe that in the connection to the deepest layers of your self, you find the love that you are, the reason you exist, the answers to your questions, the guidance you long for and the creative energy that flows through all.

Your heart is a doorway to unconditional love and deepest knowing. In your heart, you know why you exist, why you are in this body and you know where you are headed. 
And most imoportantly, you know that you are one with the source of love.
We have seen countless times - for ourselves and others - that healing and transformation start with connecting to the love that you are and the feeling of coming home to your true self.
Let us hold this space of unconditional love for you and support you to remember and connect to this place yourself.
We share our love and knowledge in private healing sessions and group workshops.
We also teach the amazing ThetaHealing technique.
Lena is from Berlin and speaks German, English and Spanish. Fernando is from Buenos Aires and speaks Spanish, Hebrew and English. Here you can read more about us.
Reflecting our diverse backgrounds and our love for all people in the world, our sessions, workshops and seminars are available in different languages and we are always happy to provide translations and include you as best as we can. If we don't speak your language, just talk to us and we are happy to find a solution.
We offer sessions, workshops and seminars online and in person.
To book a seminar, workshop or any of our one-on-one-sessions, please contact us here.

We are looking forward to support you!
With love
Lena and Fernando

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