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Do you want to remember how to be connected to the source of creation? How to clear your path and be a beacon of love for yourself and for the world? The ThetaHealing technique is one of my absolutly favourite ways to help you remember and work with energetic healing. I am happy that today, as an Independent Certified Instructor, I can pass on what I have learned.

You can experience ThetaHealing in individual Sessions or in our ThetaHealing Seminars.

Scroll down for our upcoming seminars.

You find more information about the ThetaHealing technique and the founder Vianna Stibal here below on this page.

Thank you both very much for this beautiful, interesting and loving seminar. It really changed my life from the moment I followed it. 
Lena and Fernando are two very kind and beautiful people who are very qualified and bring this seminar with lots of love for ThetaHealing, but especially for YOU who follow it.  I immediately became comfortable around them and there was every space to ask questions or share your feelings about the topics they discussed. 
There was a lot of variation during this course with different topics, knowledge, own experience and practising. I really loved every second of it! I can recommend this to everybody who wants to now how to heal themselves, others and just be unconditional love. It's priceless how my world is changing because of this knowledge and practising it every day now by some easy steps. It's no hard math or just ''some'' could do. Everyone can do this really, it's just magical! If you want the magic back in your life, follow a seminar from Lena and Fernando. 

Diana via E-Mail

Katti via Telegram



All ThetaHealing seminars empower you to work on yourself and also allow you to officially facilitate this technique for others.

You get certified as a Theta Healing® Practitioner issued by ThInK - ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge giving you permission to use ThetaHealing to work with clients if you wish to.


The place to start as a practitioner are Basic DNA and Advanced DNA and Dig Deeper.

Afterwards you can choose from a wide range of topics.




























With love // mit Liebe

Lena & Fernando

P.S. If you recommend us for sessions and seminars and someone books any service with us through you, you receive a remote mini session and healing with Lena as a gift // Wenn du uns für Sitzungen und Seminare weiterempfiehlst und jemand über dich bei uns bucht, bekommst du als Geschenk eine Mini Remote Session von Lena.

Scroll down to learn more about each ThetaHealing Seminar.


3 day seminar

Prerequisites: None

This three day seminar has the power to transform your life and empower you in the deepest core of your being. ThetaHealing is one of the most powerful energy-healing techniques. It is a therapeutic guide to develop the ability to change on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Free your soul and come into your highest potential by connecting and working with divine source energy. 

ThetaHealing Basic DNA seminar teaches you how to use the ThetaHealing technique to transform your life and the life of others. How to move beyond what keeps you from emotional, physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing.

In a mix of theory and practical work you learn how:

  • to connect with divine source energy

  • to awaken your DNA to its full potential

  • to open and awaken your chakras and intuitive channels

  • to let the kundalini energy rise

  • to do intuitive body scans and readings

  • to witness healings and change belief systems for yourself and others

  • to work with feelings and changing the way you perceive the world by learning on a cellular level

  • to communicate with angels, guides and masters

  • to clean and strengthen your energy field

  • to consciously manifest what your soul desires

  • and much more…

Seminar Includes: Basic DNA Manual and ThetaHealing Introduction Book.

Europe: 450 € 

International: 450 US-$

Online: 420 €


3 day seminar

Prerequisites: Basic DNA

The three day ThetaHealing Advanced DNA course has the ability to skyrocket your transformational process and your healing skills. You learn how to apply Advanced Theta Healing techniques on yourself and others. Expanding and deepening the information of the Basic DNA course you gain in-depth understanding of the Seven Planes of Existence that surround us and how to work with them. Clear old resentments, vows, and commitments that hold you back and learn many new techniques. Go higher, connect deeper, move beyond what holds you back.

Receive over 500 new healing downloads, learn the New Life Experiment, a guide to raise your vibration in your daily life and take the next step of DNA activation. 

In a mix of theory and practical work you learn:

  • how to connect deeper to divine source energy and all seven planes 

  • advanced digging techniques

  • feeling and belief work with yourself and others 

  • how to raise your vibration and free yourself from low vibrational thought forms 

  • many new techniques like „healing the broken soul“, „healing the baby in the womb“ in all directions of time, „the heart song“

  • deepening of readings and mediumship 

  • how to find and clear oaths, vows, promises, lost soul fragments, free floating memories 

  • how to communicate and work with your higher self 

  • how to do energetic work on anorganic matter

  • and much more…


Seminar Includes: ThetaHealing Advanced Manual and Book.

Europe: 450 € 

International: 450 US-$

Online: 420 €


2 day seminar

Prerequisite: Advanced DNA

Dig Deeper seminar was designed to teach advanced practitioners the important ThetaHealing technique called Digging in all its depth. The ThetaHealing Technique is famous for getting to the origin of our issues because of the digging technique. This narrative style approach allows us to comfortably discover the elusive and deep subconscious thoughts and beliefs that can block us. Unless we can successfully identify the true heart and origin of an issue, we will not know which beliefs to change. This seminar will empower you to help you understand your behaviors and why you created circumstances in your life and to facilitate this understanding for clients. Digging is the art of listening and learning to ask the questions that open our subconscious in a deep theta brain state to give way to clear answers, profound understanding and deepest healing. Practice your skills and clear yourself from what holds you back!

In a mix of theory and practical work you learn:

  • the eight ways of Digging in full depth 

  • how to do deep digging work on yourself and others 

  • what makes Digging-, Belief- and Feeling-Work lasting 

  • how to understand yourself and others in the deepest core 

  • how benefits and learnings perpetuate „negative“ experiences, dis-ease and belief systems and how to resolve these issues 

  • how to clear fear, trauma and resentment permanently 

  • how to find and remove blockages that keep you and your clients from manifesting 

  • how to open your awareness and make the impossible possible 

  • and much more…

Dig Deeper is a prerequisite for all the other seminars from the wide ThetaHealing curriculum.

Seminar Includes: ThetaHealing Dig Deeper Book (if available)

Europe: 420 € 

International: 400 US-$

Online: 400 €


in person: 2 day seminar

online: 3 half days seminar 

Prerequisite: Dig Deeper

This seminar is all about your connection to the creator. Are you really connected? And do you know for sure if your messages come from the source? You can easily answer these questions by knowing and recognizing yourself in depth. This course was created to help you truly get to know yourself and understand your motivations. The seminar shows you the different aspects that work in you and that send messages to you and how you can distinguish them from the voice of the creator.

In a mixture of a lot of practice and a little theory, you will learn, among other things:

to know and understand yourself and your subconscious

  • how to quickly and safely distinguish between the different aspects that affect you and your clients

  • a quick and easy way to dig at you and your clients

  • to understand the messages from the different levels

  • discerning the highest truth from other voices and receiving counsel from creation

  • to truly accept yourself with all your aspects

  • to open your lines of communication to creation and to sort out information from other aspects.

  • and much more..


…You & The Creator is a prerequisite for many other ThetaHealing seminars and for the teacher seminars.

Europe: 420€ 

International: 400 US-$

Online: 400 €


2 day seminar

Prerequisites: Dig Deeper

You create your reality. Every thought you think, every word you speak, every action you take is reflected in you live by what you are - consciously or unconsciously - creating. Manifesting and Abundance class teaches you how to consciously bring into your reality what you wish to create and what your heart desires. In Advanced DNA we talk about manifesting but don’t go deep. This seminar brings you into depth and clarity regarding why your life is how it is and what you are creating. And how to change it. You can release what keeps you from reaching your highest potential and from manifesting health, wealth, love, joy and happiness. Get out of your own way!

In a mix of theory and practical work you learn:

  • that you already always manifest - consciously or unconsciously 

  • how important it is to find out what you really want what blocks you from true abundance and from reaching your goals or realizing your wishes about 

  • helpful behaviors that boost abundance and about common mistakes which beliefs on the core, genetic and historic level block abundance and manifesting 

  • a list with 200 typical beliefs that block abundance and how to clear them

  • how to work with the laws and manifest properly 

  • two manifesting techniques 

  • deep manifesting digging 

  • about the right timing and Divine Timing 

  • how to remember your future and check and adjust what you are creating 

  • what to do when you are stuck 

  • how to bless your surrounding and enhance your abundance 

  • and much more…

You receive lots of helpful downloads and have space to test over 100 beliefs that block abundance and manifesting and to dig deep and release them.

Seminar Includes: ThetaHealing Manifesting & Abundance Practitioner Manual 

Europe: 420 € 

International: 400 US-$

Online: 400 €


2 day seminar

Prerequisites: Dig Deeper

The Soul Mate seminar is all about love. Romantic love. Love between soul mates. True love. Your love to yourself and to All That Is. Your love for life. It is about giving and receiving love. And it is about what keeps you from love. Using techniques learned in the Basic and Advanced DNA seminars, you go deep to find and release hidden blocks and beliefs that hold you back. What do you think about romantic love, self love, soul mates, marriage, having children, sexuality? And what does your DNA think? Clear the fears and traumas around love, sexuality and finding your soul mate, get lots of helpful downloads and step into your true love!

In a mix of theory and practical work you learn:

  • what soul mates are and which different type of soul mates exist

  • the difference between soul mates and soul family 

  • if you have one or more soul mates and how to attract them 

  • what the monogamy gene is and if you have it

  • self love and self esteem: you are the prize! 

  • deep digging around the topics of love, sexuality and partnership 

  • how to heal a lack of love that comes from the moment of conception 

  • about oaths, vows, promises and energetical marriages that keep you from love and how to release them 

  • deeply healing techniques like the heart song, healing the baby in the womb and energetic divorce 

  • how to manifest your most compatible soulmate 

  • and much more…

Seminar Includes: ThetaHealing Soul Mate book by Vianna Stibal

Europe: 420 €

International: 390 US-$

Online:  400 €


A seminar for children and adults

5 day seminar

Prerequisites: None, but for adults it is be a big plus to be ThetaHealing Practitioner, talk to me if you don’t have any experience in ThetaHealing®

ThetaHealing® Rainbow Children for Adults is a five day seminar designed to make you blossom. Come into your „rainbow qualities“, awakening and refining your inherent intuitive abilities and healings skills, your capacity to love, bring joy and stay in your own power. We are all born with this innate abilities that are waiting for you to awaken and harness them. Heal your inner child. It is your birthright.  Expand your healing skills and psychic abilities,

blossom. and play! play! play!

Rainbow Children seminar is an adventure supporting you to discover yourself, clear blockages, work with the seven planes and discover and deepen a wide range of ThetaHealing techniques such as empathic readings, healings, diggings, belief and feeling work. Rainbow Children is a wonderful preparation for DNA3.

The seminar is 85% practical experience and consists of 16 lessons and exercises. 

  • Empathic reading of an object

  • Guided Meditation The Planes of Existence

  • Readings and Healings Belief Work and Feeling Work, Digging

  • The Fourth and Fifth Plane

  • Guardian Angel Readings Practice Clairvoyance

  • See and Change Auras

  • The First Plane, Crystals and Healing Stones

  • The Second Plane, Plants, How to read a plant, care of herbs, essential oils, Communicate with elementals

  • The Third Plane, Reading, Communicating and Healing Animals and People

  • The Fourth Plane, Drumming, Totems and Power Animals

  • The Fifth Plane, Crystal Layouts

  • The Sixth Plane, the Laws Send Love to the Baby in the Womb Exercise, Healing the Broken Soul and the Broken Heart

  • The Seventh Plane, Creator of All That Is

  • And much more….

Seminar Includes: Rainbow Children Manual

Europe: 720 Euro

International: 780 US-$


1 day seminar

Prerequisites: Dig Deeper


Are you ready to find true Rhythm in your life?


Change your beliefs while learning a new exciting way to release or gain weight and tap into your inner peace. This isn’t just a seminar about weight, it is finding a real rhythm for your mind, body and spirit, while tapping into your inner beauty and love for your self through your own dreams and desires! This seminar teaches Vianna’s secrets to a balanced weight and weight release. This seminar is about being comfortable in your own body and finding inner peace and happiness through accepting who you are and seeing your own beauty.



Manifests Your Perfect Weight...

...or whatever else you are ready to bring into your life.


Seminar Includes: Manual and ThetaHealing RHYTHM Book by Vianna Stibal


Europe: 220 €

International: 240 US-$

Online: 200 €


5 day seminar 

Prerequisites: Dig Deeper

All the knowledge traditions refer to this simple truth: Only when we have peace in us is there peace in the world. The conflicts this world is experiencing on so many different levels are a mere reflection of the inner conflicts each of us carries. Conflicts we carry from our genetics, from the countries we grew up in, from this life and other lifetimes. They are as much personal as they are collective and even those of us who feel they are open, understanding and in love with many different cultures and many different forms of life have information stored in themselves that creates friction and conflict. Humans tend to create identity by drawing a line between themselves and what we perceive as „the other“. It is literally a cellular and emotional addiction to prejudice in order to feel safe, to have a right to exist and to belong.

Which programs and prejudices do you carry regarding „other“ countries, cultures, religions, sexual orientation, skin color, body type, tribes, institutions? And what do you think about the place where you were born, the different cultures that mix in your DNA, the religion you grew up with? Where do you keep rejection, friction and hatred in your system, mostly without even being aware of it? How beautiful would your life be if you would not secretly reject someone or something (including yourself!) on a daily basis?

This seminar is 70% practical. In five intense and beautiful days we go deep into exploring what we truly think about the world and her people on all the levels of our being. And we free up fear, rejection, hatred and friction. To become peace. The consciousness of every single one of us is part of the consciousness of the earth. And by freeing up our system and our DNA, we free up the world, too.

This is what Vianna writes about World Relations: „The ThetaHealing® World Relations Seminar focuses on specific cultures and beliefs to trigger present and past issues with races, religions, and people. Once these belief issues come to light, the hidden hatreds and resentment that goes back centuries will be released. This will allow the participants to embrace and accept the people and cultures of the world with true unconditional love. (…) The World Relations Course is a powerful tool for removing inner and outer conflict in yourself and towards others.“

Europe: 920 € 

International: 1100 US-$

Online: 820 €

Lena is an amazing human being on a mission to help others. After taking Theta Healing Basic DNA with Lena & Fernando I had such a deep understanding of who I am and what my life's purpose is. Lena led me deeply inside of my own psyche releasing years of stored trauma and opening doors for me to be able to connect to The Divine & to Mother Earth in ways I didn't know were possible. After Basic DNA I was hooked and continued to work with Lena & look forward to taking more classes with her in the coming weeks. If i could give Lena 10/5 stars I would...I will continue to recommend her over and over again. 

Jess via Facebook


The ThetaHealing modality is a meditation training technique for improvement and evolvement of mind, body and spirit. It is one of the most powerful energy-healing techniques enabling you to change on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Everything you ever experienced in life matters on the deepest core of your being. Deep down, it all makes sense. And where awareness and understanding is, healing takes place. ThetaHealing supports you to tap into clear answers and find and change the true core of re-occuring issues and physical or mental symptoms. It helps release those issues energetically where they started. The technique supports you in shedding old belief systems and trauma, symptoms of dis-ease and dis-balance and allows you to experience deep transformation on all levels of your being.

Empower yourself, tap into clear answers, shifts on all levels and create the life you love! 

The ThetaHealing technique was created by Vianna Stibal in 1995 during her own personal journey back to health.ThetaHealing aims to train and coach others how to achieve a better life through the pure essence of love, to change the world one person at a time and show everyone their true connection to Pure Life Force, The Power of Creation, Source Energy, God, The Creator of All That Is or however you want to address this energy of pure unconditional love. ThetaHealing intents to bring forward the best in all people.

The technique is named after the Theta brain wave, one of the five main brain waves of humans. In this brain state, we can be aware of what the real causes of symptoms such as physical illness or recurring adverse emotional patterns are. Working together with the Pure Life Force in the Theta brain state, adverse experiences and beliefs can be permanently changed and resolved. 

ThetaHealing practitioner seminars are designed for everybody who wants to learn and get deeper into the technique for use both on her- or himself and others. It appeals to all religions and forms of faith.

For more information go to

ThetaHealing® and ThetaHealer® are registered trademarks of THInK® at


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