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If you have read My Story you already know that I have the gift to connect with your entire being, including your body, your mind and your conscious and subconscious thought forms. And that I can support you in your shift to the version of yourself that is shining bright. I can do this in my Mentoring Program, in Retreats or ThetaHealing Seminars with many people.

Connecting is most focussed though when I do it with one person regarding a specific topic. That is what happens in individual sessions. In most cases the aim here is to overcome a roadblock that prevents you from experiencing freedom, health, bliss and growing to your full potential. But it could also be something else. Individual sessions are sort of the wild cards in my spiritual work. They are in high demand. To book a session, just contact me here



Shine bright. One transformational online session á 60 minutes.

220 €


Shift on the deepest core of your being. Three transformational online sessions á 60 minutes.

600 €


I thank you from the heart for this amazing healing session. I experienced a strong cleanse of old programs and beliefs. I could feel how my whole system was tuning in to a new reality and how a new life begins - a life focussed on abundance and wellbeing and my soul mate, that I am welcoming with certainty now. This session clearly changed my life. Lena works with clarity and structure, lead by love, appreciation, respect and a high intuition for the highest good of the person she is working with. I highly recommend!!!! Lena, I thank you so much. We met at the right time at the right place and I already feel the miracles that want to enter into my life now.

Working with Lena is always a delight for me. From sessions to her coaching program, she brings so many important qualities and always works with full heart, compassion and passion.
Her wisdom and the way she uses her words bring me to the bottom of things. She deeply leads me to the feelings and experiences I need to address. Lena is very professional, real and tangible. Therefore I give Lena’s work my ★ highest recommendation ★.
Whoever is ready to experience the deepest change and grow and learn from her is at the right place. It has changed my life significantly, she showed me that everything is possible.
With great love & respect.




Thank you so much!!! I feel so different, so much better since our session. I see and realize myself more clearly!  I let go more and more. I feel light and I am happy.


I came to Lena because of recurring allergic reactions. After one session the symptoms were gone. What remained was a deep understanding and a deep shift of my view of the world and how I feel in my environment. Thank you!