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WORK WITH ME: Willkommen

Here you find different formats to work with me. If you feel drawn to me and your heart feels like it wants to work with me, I already know we are a beautiful match and I am happy to meet you.

Contact me here if you want to book a service, have a question or want to host me at your healing place or retreat centre.



Learn the tool that changed the live of so many people, including mine. Learning the ThetaHealing® technique enables you to work on yourself and with clients if you wish to. To learn more about the ThetaHealing technique and our upcoming seminars, go to ThetaHealing. For a ThetaHealing session, go to Sessions.



If you want to work with me in an exclusive one on one setting, please go to Sessions

WORK WITH ME: Testimonials

Lena is an amazing human being on a mission to help others. After taking Theta Healing Basic DNA with Lena & Fernando I had such a deep understanding of who I am and what my life's purpose is. Lena led me deeply inside of my own psyche releasing years of stored trauma and opening doors for me to be able to connect to The Divine & to Mother Earth in ways I didn't know were possible. After Basic DNA I was hooked and continued to work with Lena & look forward to taking more classes with her in the coming weeks. If i could give Lena 10/5 stars I would...I will continue to recommend her over and over again. 

I thank you from the heart for this amazing healing session. I experienced a strong cleanse of old programs and beliefs. I could feel how my whole system was tuning in to a new reality and how a new life begins - a life focussed on abundance and wellbeing and my soul mate, that I am welcoming with certainty now. This session clearly changed my life. Lena works with clarity and structure, lead by love, appreciation, respect and a high intuition for the highest good of the person she is working with. I highly recommend!!!! Lena, I thank you so much. We met at the right time at the right place and I already feel the miracles that want to enter into my life now.

Jess via Facebook


WORK WITH ME: Testimonials

Wow! My heart and spirit were truly seen from the eyes of non judgement, and in this loving space that Lena held (...)
Lena is able to hold space, with pure intent, if you want to go deep Lena is able to hold this space with Grace. So yes I highly recommend taking a Seminar, booking a healing session with this amazing and inspirational being of light and love!
With Gratitude

Thetahealing with Lena has been one of the most transformative experiences and something I have been looking for in my life. I can‘t express how thankful I am for her wonderful being. Lena is truely an amazing teacher and mentor, who lives what she preaches and enables others to bring their light into this world. Lots of Love.

Jordan Hope via Facebook

Leonie via Facebook

WORK WITH ME: Testimonials

I release so much during my Basic and Advanced DNA seminar. It was tough, but Lena was so supportive and made sure I was okay during the entire 6 days. These courses have given me amazing tools to have for the rest of my life! I am forever grateful!

Lena is magic. She was my Theta Healing Instructor and I felt her love right away. Her heart is crystal clear and so is her teaching. With her connection to source and deep conviction that everybody can connect to source whenever he/she wants, she opened a door for me. Love her so much.

Mandy via Facebook

Theresa via Facebook

WORK WITH ME: Testimonials

Working with Lena is always a delight for me. From sessions to her mentoring program, she brings so many important qualities and always works with full heart, compassion and passion.
Her wisdom and the way she uses her words bring me to the bottom of things. She deeply leads me to the feelings and experiences I need to address. Lena is very professional, real and tangible. Therefore I give Lena’s work my ★ highest recommendation ★.
Whoever is ready to experience the deepest change and grow and learn from her is at the right place. It has changed my life significantly, she showed me that everything is possible.
With great love & respect.

I attended the group mentoring by Lena in the first batch...Lena was superb in guiding me to attain confidence in working with the theta practices for self and to open my own healing practice. She helped with amazing marketing strategies and guided each one of us to work on our shortcomings with her super special insight. A big grateful thank you to Lena.


Neeta via Facebook

WORK WITH ME: Testimonials
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