A set of 28 cards to support you on your path of transformation. Handmade with love and printed on high quality paper in A6 format.


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The product comes as a physical print of 28 cards in a smallboxtogether with a booklet that explains each card and explains to you how to use the set.


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This set invites you to receive energetic transmissions from the cards and to embody the quality of the topic the cards represents in your life. Connecting with each card, you receive the purest form of this quality from source, which can support you in clearing up misunderstandings and blockages.


This set is also an invitation for you to connect with your core and explore yourself.


All your experiences matter and you create them - consciously or subconsciously - to learn and grow. You came here as a soul with an idea of what you want to learn, feel, do, share, experience. Being you is what brings this idea to life and while you experience life, you can choose over and over again.


The cards can show you what is already in your life and what is developing and wants to grow. In any case they are a reminder that all you are seeking already lies within you as infinite potential. You just have to unlock it. You are here to expand and move beyond your current limitations.


Source is unconditional love. Unlimited potential. The creative force that moves through All. This source is within you, you are one with this force, one with this love. All source of power already lies within yourself.


This deck will not tell you what to do. It will support you to find out for yourself. And - with your permission - it will lovingly transmit the energy needed for your transformation into your entire being.


You already are all that you wish for. You are that which is eternal. That which is unconditional love. Deep down you know:  



Use the cards with clients or for yourself. Draw a single card for inspiration or use the methods explained in the booklet.


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