I am happy to share a bit about me with you.

I was born in Berlin, Germany in the 1980ies. After coming of age, I did what everyone does: Trying to find my place in life. Trying to find where I fit in. I tried hard and I tried often: Moving to Spain, traveling the world, roaming Berlin's underground clubs, studying and mastering in History, Art History and Sociology. I became - one after another - an art gallery assistant, an academic, an advertising consultant and a project manager for a federal agency. I had interesting experiences and I got somewhat successful. I did not get really happy though. There were always these questions: What do I truly want? How do I really want to live? 

In my early twenties I started with yoga and meditation. I never followed a teacher or a master, never had a guru. Instead I had my own little eclectic store of magic, beliefs and practices. Going to Buddhist temples and enjoying the silence. Listening to Hindu mantras, feeling the vibration going though my whole being. I did yoga and felt my entire world shifting. I sat in old churches and had tears running down my face from being touched with love. When I would rest, I would fall into still deep nothingness, a state that some fear but I dearly love. When I was with friends I realized that I could deeply understand their minds, their hearts and bodies, as if the unsaid and invisible was talking to me. I just didn’t know what to do with all this energy and information. I was not trusting my intuition. I kept my gifts mostly to myself, feeling odd and not sure what was going on. 

Since I was little, I carried deep fears. Some came from my own experiences, some I had inherited: Not safe. Not loved. Not good enough. Nothing meaningful to share with the world. I did not feel completely in charge of my world, as if I was allowing myself to be strongly influenced by the outside, looking for answers outside of myself. But there was some trust in me that it would all be well somehow. And there were people who helped me. Most of all Kathleen, a wonderful acupuncturist specialized on emotions who reassured me that I was on the right track. And my mom Heike, always encouraging me to go forward with what I knew deep in my heart. One of her favorite phrases is „Go where the fear is, this is where there is something to learn.“

Slowly I build up confidence by listening to my true self and the voice of unconditional love in deep meditation. Still I had no clue where all this would lead to, but I realized this was the beginning of something good. Finally I asked my old question - what do I really want - and this time my heart answered: „heal and teach others“. I got terrified and excited at the same time. From this point I knew this was my path. 

The most important shift I made was to stop listening to the outside and start listening within. I connected with my true self. I cultivated my ability to communicate with my deepest heart. I had found my source of power. 

When I became a ThetaHealing Practitioner, I learned to harness the information I received from the world. I could consciously tune in with the energy of unconditional love, or the divine, a word that I had rarely used up to this point. I could discern the information and energies I was perceiving and learned how to consciously work with them. And I could further overcome my own roadblocks. My sensitivity, which had opened up early in my life in some sort of trauma and made me feel so vulnerable before, became an asset to help others. I started working with clients and soon after became a ThetaHealing Instructor and found my beloved partner Fernando on the way.  At the same time, I gave up trying to find a place to fit in somewhere, instead I made the whole world my home. Finally I was at ease with myself. Not by fighting my faults and my human experience but by expanding and transcending myself. My journey made me discover more and more of what I could do and what I wanted to do. I started consciously expanding into my true potential. An ongoing journey. And I am inviting you to explore your potential with me.

To understand how I could be a mentor or teacher for you, someone who goes a part of your path together with you and supports you in your transformation process, a few words about my philosophy and my capabilities. 

All source of power lies within ourselves. It is us who shape our reality, us who have a free will, us who have the responsibility for our lives, us who can decide to live as simple and profound life by being connected ti this source of power - our heart, our love. It is through our communication with our deepest heart that we are always guided, always connected to love and to all that surrounds us. 

We are not alone in a universe that doesn't care about us. The contrary is true: We are constantly surrounded by loving and healing energy that we are actually directing with our minds. We just have to learn to bath in the splendor of unconditional love. If life is a burden, it is because self made roadblocks keep us from seeing this universal beauty. When we learn to remove these roadblocks, we also learn how to transcend our very being. We realize that the roadblocks that diminish our existence are personal and collective, that they derive from this live and lives of the past, from ancestors and long forgotten events. No matter where they come from, everyone has these blocks of her or his own making - and amazingly they all serve you. All it takes to experience universal love is to turn inwards, and by realizing what prevents you from seeing the light, you overcome your personal blindness simultaneously. It is the moment of enlightenment, the leap into a new world, guided by your deepest self. And it comes as easy as that. I have experienced this personally - and over and over again working with people.

We are free. We have a free will and we shape our entire reality. By consciously tuning into our thoughts and feelings and working with them, we can easily learn to be the master of our destiny. This might take some courage and it definitely takes self-responsibility, but it’s not rocket science. It’s much easier: It’s applied quantum physics. When we shift our inner world in self-responsibility, our entire outer world shifts. 

We are here to be ourselves. Not someone else or someone else’s projection of us, but our own true self. We are designed perfectly for this life, exactly as we are. Misunderstandings and roadblocks exist, but as soon as we start to see and feel the love, we can choose to remove these obstacles with ease. When we allow our true self to come through, we can shine our true colors, give off our true scent, our flavor of love. This is how we can be most happy and can support others to be most happy. I encourage you to be truly you, from the heart. If you are connected to your heart and your intuition and to what some call the divine, no matter how stormy the sea of your life, you’ll find the way. I would be very happy to show you how.

If you let me support you, I do this: I know, see, feel and hear you with my compassionate heart and soul and with the eyes of the divine. We go inside your mind, your body or your energy field to find out where you got stuck. Then I assist you to free yourself by witnessing the energy of unconditional love shifting whatever you want to change. When I say I go inside your system, that's not a metaphor, I actually do this. I am gifted and trained with a sensitivity that allows me to connect with your being. I can virtually see what's preventing you from experiencing bliss and fulfillment. And I also help you to see you roadblocks so you can let them go away. My aim is for you to empower yourself to be the love you are and live a free, healthy and happy life. And, if you like, I can also show you how to develop your abilities to become someone who works with their intuition and with divine love. 

The way I work does not fit in a box. It is based on who I am and it is based on teachings, especially ThetaHealing and the energy healing modalities from Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand. I am also a Reiki Practitioner and a Siddha Kundalini Channel. But my work is more and more individual as my journey continues. Unless I teach you ThetaHealing, then it is pure ThetaHealing. But even though my methods become more unique, I share my goals with many others. I am just one person in a growing community that is devoted to live from the heart and connect to the Divine, supporting and teaching others to achieve what some call enlightenment and what for me means being always connected to unconditional love. My hope is to bring more and more people in tune with the love we already are. To heal our personal and collective hearts and life lives based on our true selves in freedom, courage and joy. 

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